Guided Investing

Wealth Management

Being rich is having money; Being wealthy is having time

We manage and grow your wealth so you enjoy the finer things in life. Leave money matters to us and you do the things you love. We manage your wealth with a bespoke plan suited for YOUR needs. Have whole range of investment products across asset classes:

  • Equity – Long Term Investments, Active Investing, Special Situations, Mutual Funds etc
  • Fixed Income – Debt Mutual Funds, Corporate Bonds, Govt Securities etc
  • Alternate Investments – REITs, Commodities, Thematic Investments etc

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is about defining goals and then planning for those by smart and prudent management of finances. Goals can be something like – buying a house, saving for your child’s higher education or planning for retirement. The Financial Planning process helps to look at the ‘big picture’. Then we work out where you are now, what you may need in the future and what you must do to reach your goals.

I offer Fee Only Financial Planning. The advice is unbiased as I do not get any commission or payments for any of the products. Each plan is designed from ground up, specific to your needs. If required, I assist in executing the plan with the platform(s) of your choice.

Allied Services

To provide a seamless transaction experience, we have tied up with various partners to extend a one-stop solution for all your financial needs.

  • Insurance – Life, General, Health, Special Needs
  • Accounting – Book Keeping, Tax Filing
  • Broking – Equity Broking, Custodian Services
  • Legal – Estate Planning, Creating and Managing Trusts